Programs and Certificate Classes

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Scholarships and Tuition Discounts Now Available

Financial Aid: We are offering a 20% tuition discount to all applicants that meet the admissions requirements for the program. 

Scholarship: Students may apply for scholarships that award up to 50% of their tuition by filling out the scholarship application and submitting it no later than 6 weeks prior to the start date of the offering they apply for. The Scholarships apply to the Full Programs and the Individual Courses for certification in the CHHSP and EST and are based on GPA, Volunteerism, and a written Essay.

Diploma Programs

Holistic Esthetics & Spa Therapist Diploma

Cost : $15,500

Certified Holistic Health & Shiatsu Diploma

Cost: up to $16,900 based on Study choice and length

Certified HolisticHealth Practitioner™ 

Cost: $12,700
STA & NHPC Dual Recognized

CHHSP Individual Courses For Certification


Chinese Reflexologist

Elemental Iridologist

Energy Medicine Practitioner

Meridian Floor Shiatsu Therapist

Oriental Bodywork Therapist

Usui Reiki Training

Integrated Shiatsu Therapist

EST Certificates and Workshops

Oriental Bodywork Therapies

Floral Essences Applications

Dowsing & Energy Work with Pendulums

Wildcrafting Energy Medicine