Wildcrafting Plant Spirits Energy Medicine

This course is a preparation in working with Plant Spirit Medicines and Tree Energies. Students will explore methods of connecting with their environment and heightening awareness to adapt the medicines of the trees to use. Methods of journalling , meditating, connecting and identifying are studied in preparation for creating a present and grounded practitioner.  

This course helps students connect and work with Plant, Tree, and Nature Energies. Students will explore making smudges, room clearing sprays, Florida Waters, essences, and segueros for the Chakras and the Five Elements using local plants and trees gathered in nature walks on the Wooded Pathways and Fields surrounding Windsong Campuses. This is an excellent addition to any herbal healing or holistic nutrition training you have. Or, start your herbal practice with both Floral Essence Acuchi Jin Shin and Wildcrafting Energy Medicines together.

The process of observing includes the opening and activation of all of your physical senses. By developing your physical senses, your “intuitive senses” will automatically respond and become stronger as well. You will also be learning how to stay in the present, how to appreciate your physical body and how nature can create healing within you.

“Cultures have adapted and used Plant Spirits to improve our well being over the millenia. This course is an opportunity to return to your roots and discover the symmetry of Plant Spirits with our own rhythms. Sitting with our senses allows us to connect to these rhythms and feel where the Plant will connect with emotions, thoughts, and feelings to release psychosomatic blockages that cause illness. Communication with plants is natural, beneficial, and part of our inherited history.


Course Cost: $525 includes manuals and supplies

2024 Wildcrafting Plant Spirits Energy Medicine Course Dates:

April 29 to May 1st Onsite Skills Lab CHHSP Energy Medicine PA Campus
 September 3 to 5 Onsite Skills Lab CHHSP Port Alberni Campus

This program is offered by Lori-Ann MacLeod through Eastern Arts Institute of Holistic Therapy and does not require approval by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training. As such, the registrar did not review this program.