Elemental Iridology

certification course 104,204,205

This Iridology Practitioner course is based on German and Western Iridology, with main reference to the works of IIPA Iridologists, Bernard Jensen, Lori-Ann MacLeod, and Paul Pitchford. The Nutritional Profiling and Oriental Medical Traditions of Iridology are based on the Windsong Five Element Iridology Manual by teacher, Lori-Ann MacLeod. Lori-Ann is an Elemental Iridologist and combines Five Element Theory with Energy Balancing and Nutritional Cleansing Techniques. Elemental Iridology is also synchronized with Oriental Bodywork and Meridian Theory to compliment the CHHP™ training in the Certified Holistic Health & Shiatsu Practitioner Diploma.

Elemental Iridology combines Western and Eastern analytical concepts and is offered with 5 Element Nutritional Profiling and Auriculotherapy as treatment methods for working in Lifestyle Plans to increase health and wellness. This course has immense value to all holistic health practitioners and can also be taken for credit in the CHHSP Diploma.

Students are expected to attend a weekly Online Seminar for questions and information and should have all theory manuals and workbooks completed prior to coming onsite.

Learn how to use the various Holistic Iridology Methods with the following course objectives:

.Define and delineate basic Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for oriental five element medical and iris analysis.
.Use Iridology in defining the inherent weaknesses of the body through Constitution, Chinese Eye Markers, and Basic Iris signs.
.Use slides of eyes for reading irises in case studies while developing the technique to take eye photos.
.Define the Interrealtionship between thought, emotion and physical health with Chinese Medicine Five Element Theory.
.Study how the reflexes of the bowel affects organs and glands through the San Jiao (Triple Burner and Dan Tiens), Zang and Fu Theory.
.Study how to encourage healthy circulation of the 6 systems of Detoxification of the body by using appropriate Nutritional Profiling.
.Employ techniques for balancing, harmonizing, and cleansing the body’s tissues for vitality and longevity using Auriculotherapy and 5 Element Nutrition.
.Study muscle testing procedures for defining weakness and strength in body areas.
.Introduction to Pulse Analyses and Tongue Analyses for diagnosing basic Qi conditions.
.Create reports for client, including results of a live eye reading using either Basic  Iridology reading or Five Element Reading Lifestyle Planning handouts.
.Define Iridology as a tool of prevention for specific case pathologies as well as general good health.
.Define nutritional requirements. Review and study excess and deficiency and how to heal the body with Whole Foods and blending of Holistic Treatments.
.Create Business Plan, forms and Report charts for professional client advice.


Full program cost $3650
-Application and registration fee $100
-Onsite practical tuition $1,750
-Online coursepac $1,500
-Books and supplies $300

2020 Scheduled Elemental Iridology Onsite Practical:

Start by June 29, 2020 for the next Onsite Practical!
Fall 2020 Onsite Practical:
October 5, 2020 to October 16, 2020

Includes Iridology and Auriculotherapy

This Individual Course is a component of the CHHSP Diploma. All credits transfer:
Combined Distance over 4 months. Online studies, Onsite Practical, Distance Case Studies and Healership skills
Title: Elemental Iridologist

Online Theory and Case Studies Distance: 185 hours ~10 weeks       Onsite Study: 75 Hours ~2weeks