Certified Holistic Health Practitioner™

Step into a career honoring a healing path!

The CHHP™  therapeutic practice is the foundation in Holistic Healing that activates the body’s natural ability to heal by initiating the parasympathetic state. The teaching focuses on reaching the three points of healing through Mind, Body  & Spirit using methods of Oriental Bodywork, Elemental Iridology & Nutritional Profiling, and Energy Medicine. A broad array of Healing Modalities are taught within a foundation of 5 Element , Earth Medicine, and Chakra Theories giving the practitioner many avenues to work from or combine. The Certified Holistic Health Practitioner study is the base for the Certified Holistic Health & Shiatsu Practitioner Diploma and has been recognized for the CHHP™ Title by the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Association. This Title Diploma is the foundation of the Certified Holistic Health & Shiatsu Practitioner Diploma Program and all courses are credited to the full program.

As Certified Holistic Health Practitioners (CHHP™) we are able to serve a wide cross section of the public. This CHHP™ Diploma offers the highest quality of basic and advanced training taught by a Faculty highly skilled in these subjects and practicing currently in their fields. Upon graduation from the program, there is a Mentor-ship Program available in graduate clinic work for those graduates not quite ready to start out on their own. Graduates have found success in many niches in this field with other health care professionals (such as chiropractors, physiotherapists, naturopaths, etc.), spas, fitness clubs, resorts, cruise ships, health ranches, private clubs, women’s centers, community recreational centers, hospice, working in a home office, working in a professional location, and much more.

Learning Objectives

Upon the completion of this program, the successful student will reliably demonstrate the ability to perform sessions in Energy Medicine, Acupressure and Integrated Holistic Therapies for 15, 30, 60 and 90 minutes using skills in Chakra, Meridian, and 5 Element Diagnosis to alleviate Imbalances and restore Qi flow as required. Successful students will reliably demonstrate the planning and implementation of health and life plans based upon Iridology readings and 5 Element Interpretations.

All study is part of the CHHSP Diploma as individual modules credited towards completion of the CHHSP Diploma when Meridian Floor Shiatsu is added. 


Full program cost $10,000
-Application and registration fee $100
-Onsite tuition $6,000
-Course pac $3,000
-Textbooks and Materials budget $1,000 to purchase online

2021 Scheduled CHHP™ Title Program:

Applications are available JUNE 2021 for the 10 month CHHP Study starting September 2021 

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