About Us

Windsong College of Healing Arts is known for its offering of the CHHSP Diploma, however, there are a variety of options offered to students! Recognized by the Shiatsu Therapy Association of BC and the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada, our school gives students the quality education and tools they need to have an abundant career and be at the forefront of the ever growing Natural Health industry! 

Who Are We

Windsong College of Healing arts is a Ministry of Advanced Education and EQA designated career college.  

Our Mission

To assist in the growth and development of caring, professional, competent and successful holistic health practitioners.

What We Do

Here at Windsong we teach both ancient and new techniques in Natural Health and Personal Care to give students the tools they need to be successful practitioners

Windsong School of Healing Ltd. hosts a Ministry of Advanced Education designated Career College (Windsong College of Healing Arts), a clinic for private therapies (Eastern Arts therapy Clinic Ltd.), and a retreat center (Aarastyn Holistic Awareness Centre). Windsong is located on 10 acres at the foot of the Beauforts  in the Alberni Valley. The facility is host to many avenues of Holistic Healing for those who want to find self-development, regain health and vitality, create an abundant career, or become facilitators in teaching others.

Whether your goal is to Create Better Health, Create an abundant Life, or Create a Career Path, Windsong has a place for you. 

Why choose us?

All of our teachers here at Windsong have had years of experience both in the field and teaching. It is important to us that all of our instructors are experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly  and are able to give our students all the support and tools they need to excel in their chosen path!

The small class sizes here at Windsong allow students to have more one on one time with their instructors. Our focus is on providing students with the quality education that comes with one on one instruction.

The unique programs we offer here at Windsong give students the upper hand in the ever growing health and wellness industry. Combining ancient techniques with new age techniques, we find the perfect, natural balance in all of our programs.

Our college holds a designation certificate issued by the Private Training Institutes Branch of the Ministry of Advanced Education. We have earned our EQA designation and are also Recognized by the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada and The Shiatsu Therapy Association of British Columbia.

All of our programs are offered as combined distance programs. This means you can complete all your theory work from the  comfort of your own home and come onsite for your pratical work. This makes our courses more accessible for those coming from out of town or even out of province!

All of our courses offered in our CHHSP and EST Diplomas are also offered as individual courses. This means that you are able to pick and choose which modules you wish to learn. The best part is that all of your courses are credited towards the full diploma if you do choose to take one later on!

Our Team

Lori-Ann MacLeod

Lori-Ann Macleod CHHP

Lori-Ann Macleod BA, CHHP™, R.S.T., EBM, Reiki MT, SEA Core Instructor & Owner

Lori-Ann has studied and practiced extensively in the Holistic Health field and is committed to passing on her knowledge to improve lives. She has trained and worked in Energy & Body work for over 30 years in Japan and Canada, and recently delivered a lecture tour in India. She added Acupressure, Shiatsu, Energy Medicine, Reiki, Reflexology, and Iridology to her existing skills and education in 2001, when she attended and graduated with Honors from Windsong School of Healing under the teachings of Pauline Wolfe.

Lori-Ann has extensive experience in her field, specializing in Holistic Therapy and Education. She began to train Elemental Bodywork practitioners while running a successful Holistic Practice. This training combines Oriental Bodywork and Energy Medicine modalities into AcuChi – a treatment focused on aligning the body, mind, and spirit. Lori-Ann expanded her passion for animals in a full therapeutic 4 Paws Bodytalk treatment system, and has been working therapeutically and energetically with small and large animals for over 25 years.

Bringing together her experiences and modalities from all over the world, Lori-Ann is now facilitating in Four Paws Bodytalk and Holistic Therapies and teaching Oriental Bodywork, Shiatsu, Energy Medicine, Five Element Iridology Nutritional Profiling, 4 Paws Bodytalk, and Auriculotherapy at Windsong.

Lori-Ann’s life goal is to use her skills and learning so gratefully acquired from her teachers and mentors to bring the knowledge of Health and Wholeness to others in learning.

Leah Ursic

Industry Specialist/PAC Member

Leah serves on our Program Advisory Committee. In her own practice she facilitates workshops in Aromatherapy and modality specific Holistic Healing Methods. Leah is a Registered Aromatherapist, Essential Oils Therapist and Elemental Bodywork Practitioner with background in Energy Medicine, Oriental Bodywork, and counseling as well as assistant teaching in the public school system.

Leah practices at Lotus Holistic Health in Port Alberni, B.C. and has created a wonderful line of Aromatherapy Oils for working with clients and practitioners alike. She works with both people and animals in an integrated practice to bring health to the whole body. 

Sue Peters

Instructor and Workshop Facilitator

Sue instructs Plant Energy Medicines and is a workshop facilitator in Energy Medicine and Healing Techniques using Earth Medicines. Sue is a well known and much respected Energy Medicine Practitioner and Shaman.

Sue has been practicing and teaching for over 40 years and brings a world of experience to her rich and exciting classes. Sue runs her own education and practice through Inner Journeys and instructs Energy Medicine Earth Medicines and Lifeskills. Sue also created magical artworks for energy healing and facilitating healing journeys.

Candis Taylor

Industry Specialist/ Workshop Facilitator

Candis is an Aesthetics and Spa Therapist instructor with advanced training in the field of Aesthetics and related services. A professional educator who loves to share her knowledge and experience with a passion and commitment to the academic growth and development of every student.

Candis has over 15 years experience working and teaching in the field and joins our team as a workshop facilitator for Esthetics and Spa Therapist education. Candis is also a certified Sugaring instructor for aesthetic hair removal and offers workshops for continuing education.

Kadie McCombie CHHP

Windsong Graduate/PAC Member

Kadie McCombie CHHP R.S.T. graduated the Certified Holistic Health & Shiatsu Practitioner Diploma with high honors. Her skills include Integrated Shiatsu Therapy, Oriental Bodywork, Elemental Iridology and Nutrition, and Energy Medicine. She runs her own Private Practice at Wild Honey Holistics and teaches Yoga in the Alberni Valley .

Kadie is our CHHP™ graduate PAC Member. Her understanding of the  modalities and course structures here at Windsong College of Healing Arts along with her own student experiences allow her to bring a learner’s view to the Program Advisory Committee for program and curriculum development. 

Kirstyn MacLeod

Assistant Registrar and Admissions Advisor

Kirstyn brings 4 years of Supervisory and Administrative experience in Office Management and Retail Marketing. She has her certificate as an Administrative Assistant for Office Management and has completed courses in Family Business Strategies. She continues to add to her skills with continuing education in Marketing and Business Development on a regular basis.

Although new to our staff, Kirstyn has been familiar on a day to day basis with the operations and offerings of the college for the past 10 years. She brings with her a wide variety of skills from personnel management to organizational planning and has the ability to listen  and lead in a compassionate and fair way. 

Carol Fiorilli

Policy and Procedures Expert/PAC Member

As a  medical clerk, Carol has strong skills in maintaining the smooth flow of operations under strict policies and procedures. As a former College Administrator she has a strong grasp on the inner workings of the Private Post Secondary system. Her role with Windsong is to review policies for relevancy and to help update the policies and procedures. She advises on our Program Advisory Committee as a Health Industry and Business Professional.

Carol has completed the Applied Business Technology course and the Hospital Unit Clerk course through North Island College. She mediates policy and issues. She advises for students and staff to make sure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed.

Todd MacLeod

Co-Owner and Maintenance

Todd MacLeod is the co-owner and operator of Windsong and has a long history in carpentry, Artistic endeavours, sales and business. He is the maintenance head and the support for all things building related. If you need something…Ask Todd!