Upcoming for the CHHSP & EST Programs Modules and Single Courses

Mani Pedi Reflexologist Certification

Course start date: October 10, 2023
Onsite Course Dates: Mani Pedi Surrey November 6 to 9, 2023 
Mani Pedi Port Alberni November 13 to 17, 2023. 
Chinese Reflexology Port Alberni November 6 to 9, 2023 
Chinese Reflexology Surrey November 13 to 17, 2023
Fee: $1500.00 Including Supplies

Windsong is ecstatic to offer this Mani Pedi Reflexology Module from our Esthetic and Spa Therapist Program September 5 to October 27 for Online Theory and Onsite Practical and October 28th – January 26th for your self directed case studies and sessions. This Sole to Soul care module is an amazing addition to existing skills or a perfect entry into the Holistic Esthetics field. Start your career with certification in under 6 months!

This course is offered as part of the EST Diploma Program and earns credit towards this program.

Contact our admissions department at admissions@windsongcollege.ca or 250-206-9463 to apply.

2nd Degree Reiki Certificate to Level 4

Onsite Dates: April 15 to 17 , 2024
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Fee: $395  

Includes Reiki levels three and four. The Second Degree teaches the use of the Reiki Symbols and the mastery of the Reiki Energy outside the self for off body and distance work. Balancing the chakras and Qi are central in the Second Degree. And developing an awareness of the aura connected to the body systems is enhanced through work in the Chakra Body Points with Vibrational Tools and  Guided Meditation. Completion of 1st degree is required to take this class.

Reiki 1st Degree with your Facials

Date: December 2 to 4, 2023 Onsite Port Alberni Campus
Fee: $795.00 including Supplies

Learn how to utilize Reiki and integrate it into your spa services to give clients a calming experience and support healing of the mind, body, and spirit. Reiki has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, therefore allowing the body to naturally reduce tension in all biological systems and supports homeostasis. During a Reiki Facial, skin health is given an extra boost of energetic wellness! This continuing education workshop results in Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 certification as well as The Reiki Facial Certification allowing for practitioners to offer reiki and reiki facials as part of their spa menu.

This course is offered as part of the EST Diploma Program and earns credits towards this program.

Chinese Reflexology Certification from the CHHSP Diploma

Date: online study begins June October 10, 2023 Onsite Skills lab November 6 to 9, 2023 Port Alberni (November 13 to 16, 2023 Surrey Campus)
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Fee: $725 Supplies: $200

This combined distance online and three day workshop teaches the main elements of a thousand year old tradition of Bodywork.

Chinese Reflexology extends the theory of the Macrosystem treatment of the body whole in a micro extremity. A Natural Medicine practice handed down through generations; Reflexology has become a popular way to deal with stress in our modern society. Many Complementary Alternative Medicines including Aromatherapy now include Reflexology as a way to deliver healing to the body. Source, Luo, Facial, Palmar, and Plantar reflex points are stimulated through pressure to relieve related body areas by following neurological pathways.

Offered in our Oriental Bodywork Therapist Title or as a Stand Alone Certification for Professional Practice under NOC code 32209. This Course is part of the CHHSP and EST Diploma and earns credit towards those Programs.

Holistic Skincare Tools Workshop

Date: September 16th and 17th Weekend Workshop and CE, 2023
Fee: $150.00

Learn how to incorporate the use of facial cups, chakra stones, pendulums, sound modalities as well as hand held tools such as jade rollers, gua sha tools, kansa wands to deepen your clients experience and keep them coming back. Tools purchased separately ($50.00). The Holistic Facial Foundations program focuses on the integration of alternative rejuvenation protocols that will elevate your facial treatments of holistic practice. The theoretical and practical aspects of this course focus on a deeper understanding of how these modalities assist in lymphatic drainage, meridian therapy, wrinkle and scar reduction, and facial and eye rejuvenation. 

This course is offered as part of the EST Diploma Programs and earns credits towards this program.