Certified Holistic Health and Shiatsu Practitioner Diploma


The CHHSP Diploma program has three different offerings to meet the need of each student: 11 month intensive onsite, 11 month intensive Combined Distance, and 2 year combined distance. 

Students are also able to take the courses individually and credit them to their full diploma.  

The CHHSP is a foundation in Holistic Healing that activates the body’s natural ability to heal by initiating the parasympathetic state. The program focuses on reaching the three points of healing through Mind, Body  & Spirit using methods of Oriental Bodywork, Elemental Iridology & Nutritional Profiling, and Energy Medicine. A broad array of Healing Modalities are taught within a foundation of 5 Element , Earth Medicine, and Chakra Theories giving the practitioner many avenues to work from or combine. Upon Completion of the CHHSP Program,  practitioners can specialize in their chosen modality to go on to further Mastery and study.

As Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (CHHSP) & Integrated Shiatsu Therapist  (IST©) graduates, we are able to serve a wide cross section of the public. This CHHSP Diploma offers the highest quality of basic and advanced training taught by a Faculty highly skilled in these subjects and practicing currently in their fields.

Graduates have found success in many niches in this field with other health care professionals ( such as chiropractors, physiotherapists, naturopaths, etc.), spas, fitness clubs, resorts, cruise ships, health ranches, private clubs, women’s centers, community recreational centers, hospice, working in a home office, working in a professional location, and much more.

Courses Required

The Certified Holistic Health & Shiatsu Practitioner Diploma program consists of completion of the following courses for 1660 Hours of Study and Training. Please see Individual Modules for further details and Course Outlines and Objectives.

101/ 201: Oriental Bodywork  525 hours 
103/ 203: Energy Medicine  300 Hours
104/ 204: Elemental Iridologist (Requires completion of #205) 190 Hours 
205: Auriculotherapy 40 Hours 
102/ 202: Floor Shiatsu 545 Hours
100: Ethics and Business 60 Hours

Additional Requirements

The additional requirements are to be completed by students outside of the hours of training. It is the responsibility of the student to record and submit their training:

First Aid: $125.00 for full first aid and CPR. Or… Can be taken at Simple CPR Online to qualify for professional membership in the STA or NHPC
Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, or martial arts training 30 hours (per year in 2 year CHHSP Program)
Receive a minimum of 3 professional treatments. Approximate cost $300.00

“Windsong College is a hidden jem and it has a lot to offer in your Holistic career path and personal development. I am grateful to have found it and for my time there in the CHHSP Diploma program. Thank you Lori for your teaching and guidance, you are great at what you do!” – Tené L. Thompson, Nassau Bahamas

Certified Holistic Health and Shiatsu Practitioner was reviewed and approved by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training