Certified Holistic Health and Shiatsu Practitioner

11 month onsite Intensive


CHHSP Diploma 11 Month Intensive Onsite Program 

Windsong College of Healing Arts offers the Certified Holistic Health and Shiatsu Practitioner Diploma in an Intensive Full Time Onsite Program where students can earn their Diploma in 11 months in the classroom leading toward the Certified Holistic Health Practitioner™ and Integrated Shiatsu Therapist© Professional Titles. Continuous module study builds learning towards the practice as a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner™. This offering is Full Time for 47 educational weeks with an expected minimum study time of 35 hours per week. Courses required are Oriental Bodywork, Energy Medicine, Meridian Floor Shiatsu, and Elemental Iridologist. Courses include #100 220 hours of Anatomy Physiology Pathology Holistic Health Connection (APPHHC) and Ethics & Business.

The Onsite Studies method of program is Designated to be student loan eligible, HRDC eligible, Educational Fund Eligible, and Bank Student Line of credit eligible. We are Designated by the EQA for foreign students to obtain Study Visas for the duration of the program.

What are the benefits of taking the course Onsite Full Time?

As a Full Time Student, your Diploma is completed in 11 months and you are ready to start your new career!

The classroom is a continuous learning environment with a teacher present and group activities hands on.

If you are unable to schedule and plan well on your own or need assistance with your study habits, the Onsite forces you to keep up with your assignments and learning in class. Remember consistent support is provided in the classroom.

You will become familiar with the town, school and study on a daily basis to create a solid learning routine.

As a Full Time Student, you are onsite for 11 months 5 days a week, for your full training. You will do your Case Studies during your Onsite Program and have clients available on a regular basis in Student Clinic Practical Study.

You will be ready to go the minute you graduate with all your studies completed and your titles in tow.

There are No changes or modifications allowed to this program. A minimum of 10 Students is required for the Program to run.


Full program cost $16,500
-Application and Registration fee $100
-Onsite Tuition $15,000
-Textbooks and Materials budget $1,400 to purchase online

International students- Application and Registration fee $250 ; Assessment fee $150 ; Administrative fee $100

 CHHSP Onsite Diploma 

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