Ear Reflex Therapy

Used in ancient China and developed over the centuries by different cultures, Auricular Therapies are now becoming commonplace in Natural Medicine and Complementary Alternative Medicine. Modern techniques include Acupuncture, TENS, Laser, and Chromotherapy. Often used in addictive behaviours and stress therapy, Auricular Medicine is finding its way into many practices. Based in Nerve Theories, Reflex Theories, and Chinese Medicine Meridian Theory, Auriculotherapy has come to combine 4 different systems into one universal treatment form. Combined with Elemental Iridology as a treatment form in perfect symbiosis with Iride Reading or as a stand alone system of diagnosis and treatment in one.

This workshop focuses on the Grassroots Chinese method and the teachings of Paul Nogier and Terry Oleson to treat the earpoints of the major body systems and the reflex points of individual imbalances with Magrain Pellets, Vaccaria Press Seeds and Vibrational Medicine Therapies. 

Three Day workshop Objectives Include

learning  how to stimulate certain auricular areas with seeds or magnetic balls, massage, and AcuChi in order to treat and prevent disease. 

Define Anatomical Terminology of the Ear Surface, Anatomy of the Ear
Delineate Location of specific stimulating auriculotherapy points and their distribution
Defining reaction and indication of Ear Acupoints and how to use them with specific pathologies
Employ Ethics, Social Context, & Hygiene. Preparation and treatment with Auricular seeds
Study specific Pathologies and their treatment protocols

Auriculotherapy may be used to:

  • Prevent Diesease
  • Control addictions eg. smoking
  • Improve sight
  • Improve senses
  • Create harmony in the Body, mind and Spirit
  • Improve Taste
  • Balance the body
  • Assist with weight loss
  • Assist with eliminating food cravings
  • Relieve stress and tension


Course Fees $575 

 Auriculotherapy Certificate

40 hours online, 20 hours onsite, 10 distance case studies: 70 hours total study